How to Win the Email RACE to the Inbox!

During my free video series on Email Deliverability, you'll learn:


What Deliverability Really Is

Deliverability is one of the most misunderstood terms in marketing. I'll explain exactly what it is and what else matters just as much.


Why RACE Is So Important

RACE stands for Reputation, Authentication, Content and Engagement - the four most important factors that decide whether your email lands in the inbox, or the spam folder!


Why Size No Longer Matters(!)

It's no longer about how big your list is, today the most important thing is engagement.

Learn about how this one key statistic will decide whether or not you reach the inbox.


How To Reach The Inbox Reliably

I'll share the most important things you must do to be sure that you'll reach the inbox as often as possible, and avoid the dreaded Spam Folder.

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