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The World of Email has Changed Forever

Gone are the days when you could just build a huge list and mail the hell out of it. Email is now dominated by three giant players (Google, Microsoft and Yahoo) and they’ve changed the rules.

In today’s world, the most important thing when it comes to getting your emails delivered is engagement.

All too often, we fall into the trap of worrying about clicks and open rates, but the truth is it’s not just about how many people opened an email you sent the other day. 

What the giants are really looking at when deciding how to handle the emails you send is your engagement over an extended period of time.

Are you unwittingly consigning some of your emails to the spam folder without even realising?

Introducing Deliverability Dashboard

Deliverability Dashboard is a free set of tools providing unique insights to help you:

  • Improve your engagement over time (where it matters most)
  • Better understand the make-up of your mailing list
  • Protect your sender reputation
  • Stay out of the spam folder

Start with a free Email Health Check to find out where your engagement stands today

The Health Check currently works with Infusionsoft, Keap, ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp.

Support for Hubspot, ConstantContact and Send In Blue support is coming very soon!

The average Email Health Score is 21.

What’s your score?

Find out how well you’re managing your engagement over time, plus get access to free reports, tips and tools to improve your score and get more emails into the inbox.

How Does It Work?

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Don’t let your emails get left behind!

Adrian’s analysis and breakdown of our CRM system was incredibly eye-opening and helped us really take an in-depth look at our contacts engagement. With just a 30 minute call and a list of improvements, we were able to increase the open rate of our 100,000 contacts by 10% in just a couple of months!

Damin Romeo, Digital Marketing Manager, The Shark Group