How Good Is Your Email Deliverability?

As part of our Email Deliverability Audit, we'll check your email reputation, analyse your engagement, make sure that everything is set up as it should be and make specific recommendations that will help you maximise your deliverability.

Our Email Deliverability Audit will:

  • Check your sending reputation by checking whether you're blacklisted and setting up Google Postmaster Tools (which reports on Google's opinion of your reputation and spam complaints)
  • Ensure that your DKIM, DMARC and SPF are set up correctly
  • Analyse your engagement, open rates, trends and other deliverability statistics
  • Identify any problems reaching specific email domains or platforms, e.g. GSuite, Office 365, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.
  • Share our findings and recommendations in a live, 30-minute screen-share call
  • Offer a follow-up "lite" audit after a month where we'll send your updated engagement statistics to you

If you'd like us to implement the recommendations for you, we can quote a fixed fee to do this.

The regular fee for the Email Deliverability Audit is $750; for a limited time, we are making this available for $599, subject to resource being available within our team. Demand is already very high, so requests are handled on a first come, first served basis!

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